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After this original entry was uploaded on j-web, on the certain bbs by Japanese KAT-TUN fans, there were over 100 comments to talk about their impression after reading his Manual.
As I said before, I am translating only what I thought interesting or valuable.
I am busy.
I am working on weekdays, and even I have several RESCUE translations and dictation.
But still, I wanted you to read his this entry to know a bit more about who he is.
I am half asleep as it's too late at night, but still I tried to be very careful at the translation not to lose meaning and the atmosphere from the original writing.

*To avoid any unnecessary troubles, PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE, and instead, FEEL FREE TO LINK FROM ANYWHERE.*

*If you are willing to retranslate into another language, drop me a comment below and credit me(such as 'masuda_takahits@livejournal') when you do it.*

Thanks for reading my notification, have fun♥
(*if exists, the italic sentence between brackets is the my additional explanation.)
(I omitted the emojis, will add some if I have time)
* * * * * *

Well, hi
I am Tanaka
In these days sometimes I am elatedly readings books and so on
So can I be a little serious today?


Okay just listen quietly
What I read recently are
'Yurichika e(For Yuruchika)' and 'Ganbareba, shiawase ni nareruyo(If I try hard, I can be happy)'
Both are really touching and I don't know what to say but both made me think a lot
'Yrichika e' is the story from a woman whose cancer on her bone marrow was found during pregnancy to her baby
Yurichika is the name of her baby
'Ganbareba, shiawase ni nareruyo' is the story about a child who died at the age of 9 by Ewing's sarcoma
Pieces of words to one's dearest person when they are near to death can't stop but touch others
I thought about life and death a lot
Although there are people who are eager to live day by day and fighting against the fear not to be able to live until the next day, it is sad that there are people who waste one's life(*commit suicide) on ease.
By any chance
Those who are reading this now may die by the big earthquake while reading
Those who go out to date may die by the accident
Nobody has the guarantee to have tomorrow
So people would live with all the energy not to regret even 1 second.
I think the most important moment in one's life is the exact moment to die
When we say "I want to have my life again" at the death we would be either smiling or biting lips
If so I want to smile
So I am trying with all my energy for everything not to regret
We must want to pretend cool at the end of our lives
Then you can live your life to look cool even if people around you would say anything
It's the same for the parents
There might be a lot who hate or are upset with one's parents
But even if you are such a person you may have some time feeling fun or happy, may you?
You can feel like that because you are alive
Because your parent gave you a birth with a pain
You never grew up by yourself
They brought you up
Except anything would happen generally parents will die first
It is sad though
So we might want our parents to smile at the death
It might be equal to be dutiful with our parents
We need not spend our money or give anything
That might be what that(*be dutiful with our parents) means
I think we shouldn't live uselessly or waste our life(*commit suicide)
Not to waste one's life there is an end
If you have a courage to waste your life(*commit suicide) you must have a courage to live unseen tomorrow with all your energy
It is easy to give up by 1 or 2 mistakes and everyone can do it
But if you do something everyone can do I wonder if it has any meaning
You would feel anxiety if we are different from those around you but it is normal to be different from them
Because you are the only person in the world
Then you might look nicer when you are confident at yourself
It is not a matter about whether you can or can't but a matter about whether you do or don't
If you don't do you can't do even something you could do
There is no better make-up than smiling
However you make-up well the most beautiful face might be your smile
In this meaning I am still not perfect but as I can have such a job to make people smile I must be happy
As I can make all of you beautiful
I must be the charisma make-up artist
I don't mind even if people think of me unrefined but I can't live alone
So people might make friends and look for the ideal sweetheart....
There are my precious friends, my beloved family, comfortable working fellows, and people who are helping us
See, I am surrounded by such a lot of people
This is enough for me to be happy
I don't want to lose even 1 person
With all of them I can become a man
If 1 piece is lost I as a puzzle can't be completed
You all as well, just study with all your energy, play with all your energy, work with all your energy, rest with all your energy, love with all your energy, fight will all your energy, get reconciled with all your energy, make mistake with all your energy, cry with all your energy, then laugh will all your energy
Then I can keep myself with all my energy
Happiness can't be continued but also the bad thing can't be continued
If you do anything to others it will be similarly back to you
If you make anyone smile it will be back to you(you will be made smile)
So everybody please just smile Then I can keep smiling

I am sorry for writing such long like an idiot
I was thinking about such a matter in these days

Well we can have live concerts for 1 week at Tokyo Dome
It is the wonderful experience
It is awful
because of your support until now we can do such an awesome experience
As I was given such an awesome gift from you I will give you something awesome wit all my energy as a return
Everybody please come and show me your smile with all your energy... your beautiful face
As I can share the happiness at the same place with you all
Just by gathering over 50,000 smiles for 1 week there must be the happiest place in this world

And and ONE DROP will be out in the next week
It's cool
in the next month RESCUE will be out
It's also really cool
Nakamaru is working hard Kame-chan is working hard and Ueda is working hard at the rehearsal now then I can't lose to them!
I wonder when I will be given an offer for the role who is rescued by Nakamaru
I wonder which apostle I can be to fight against Kame-chan
I am waiting with warming up my throat but I wonder when I should start my rehearsal to be Juliet
I am waiting though
Well I think I will be able to inform anything about my personal matter to you too, and as they are working hard I will try hard

Sorry for keeping you for a long time

That's all!

Today's maxim
"It's normal to fear at tomorrow. As nobody can see it.
Tomorrow can't be seen but we can see the time 5 seconds later. Try to smile after 5 seconds. Just by taking notice on it every time...
we can smile in our whole life"

As my gift I will share the comfortable smile!
Here is my sweetheart on my chest♥(*link to a photo of his dog)

Thanks for a few people you might know who you are, I still think of what to do, but anyway from some other choices given, tentatively I chose 'awesome'.
And the only 'awful' still left is because it sounded really 'awful'.
(For those who know some Japanese, let me know if you have any better idea to divide すごい and すげぇ in English! Even if I will face on the limit of language, I want to divide them!)
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