Feb. 5th, 2009

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After this original entry was uploaded on j-web, on the certain bbs by Japanese KAT-TUN fans, there were over 100 comments to talk about their impression after reading his Manual.
As I said before, I am translating only what I thought interesting or valuable.
I am busy.
I am working on weekdays, and even I have several RESCUE translations and dictation.
But still, I wanted you to read his this entry to know a bit more about who he is.
I am half asleep as it's too late at night, but still I tried to be very careful at the translation not to lose meaning and the atmosphere from the original writing.

*To avoid any unnecessary troubles, PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE, and instead, FEEL FREE TO LINK FROM ANYWHERE.*

*If you are willing to retranslate into another language, drop me a comment below and credit me(such as 'masuda_takahits@livejournal') when you do it.*

Thanks for reading my notification, have fun♥
(*if exists, the italic sentence between brackets is the my additional explanation.)
(I omitted the emojis, will add some if I have time)
* * * * * *
MANUAL 34 by -T )

Thanks for a few people you might know who you are, I still think of what to do, but anyway from some other choices given, tentatively I chose 'awesome'.
And the only 'awful' still left is because it sounded really 'awful'.
(For those who know some Japanese, let me know if you have any better idea to divide すごい and すげぇ in English! Even if I will face on the limit of language, I want to divide them!)


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