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Thanks for those left me comments and sorry for not answering as I can't deal with most of them now from various reasons.
(And after RESCUE I was waching 'Blood of Police', that was, wow.)
As I'm always saying, feel free to retranslate with proper credit if you want, and still your comments about retranslation is really appreciated♥

I wanted to post this before RESCUE 3rd mission was on the air, but I couldn't at that time.
But hopefully still you'll enjoy reading this and know how much he is working hard in this drama.

*To avoid any unnecessary troubles, PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE, and instead, FEEL FREE TO LINK FROM ANYWHERE.*

*If you are willing to retranslate into another language, drop me a comment below and credit me(such as 'masuda_takahits@livejournal') when you do it.*

Thanks for reading notification, have fun♥

(*if exists, the italic sentence between brackets is the my additional explanation.)

Yesterday I ate pork cutlet
Today it was a grilled salmon


Yesterday I was filming Cartoon KAT-TUN and taking the interview with Monthly The Television and
Today I was filming RESCUE

Today, the 3rd episode will be on the air

From 7:56

Please memorize it to be on the air from some minutes before 8 at night every week

The 3rd episode will become really the touching episode

I cried at the filming then on the next day I had a headache all the day("I cried a lot then it caused my headache")

You will be moved too

Please watch it

Today from 18:55-
'Un-Nan Kyokugen Neta Battle! THE Iromonea'

On Sunday from 18:00-
'ONE DROP' will be performed
'The Shonen Club'

Please check them

Well, the photo I am uploading this time is this

Click (*a photo of a seat of the sticker with lots of pieces, RESCUE logos and SR logos)

They are the RESCUE stickers

To have more motivation, I am putting them for example on my mobile phone

I put them on the mobile phones of Ueda's and Koki's too nearly by force

So, see you again!
Slammed down, bu-u-u-
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