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He seems to be really loving army movies... and as I was curious about those Che movies I want to try watching them sooner or later.
I am curious if he loves shopping at Nakata Shoten!

I want to develop my muscles to be able to guard woman.

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Thanks for reading my notification, have fun♥
(*if exists, the italic sentence between brackets is the my additional explanation.)

Never give up even if it's tough.
Fortitude is important.

Since this January, he is challenging by literally throwing himself.
At the drama 'RESCUE', who he is acting is a rescue ranger.
In addition, this is the first time for Mr.Nakamaru to have a leading role.

"At first, I couldn't believe it. 'Is it actually me? Is it okay if it's me?'(LAUGH). But, as it was because I was too happy, soon I changed my mind and thought 'I will do my best not to disappoint them who are expecting me'."

His such decision was soon shown on his action.
It is one of the proof that he visited the filming staff from his own decision to have personal training for his act.

"Since I haven't have enough experience at acting until now, I was really worried about it. Even if I would pretend I can do to look cool, that is me who will be troubled later. I honestly showed my poorness and asked them for training".

Mr.Nakamaru is gorgeously working as a member of KAT-TUN, but he is showing such a Stoical side too.
He expects himself to endure the severe training to act a rescue ranger with his such an emotional strength.

"Originally, I am not muscular. So, on this occasion I am planning to train my muscles to be able to guard woman. Then, I will become a cool and popular guy(LAUGH). Then, to do that, indeed the strength of the mentality might be important not to give up halfway even though it's tough."

For example in last spring he was succeed at entering a university, for his own life he is always positive.

"As one of my goals, I have a wish to become an adult who is not shameful for my child when I will become a father. I don't want to live irresponsibly. I expect it for women too. Those who are living seriously look charming for me."

my favorite
"I really love the documentary movies or those about the real person.
What I want to watch the most now are, those describing about the life of Che Guevara, the two chaptered movies 'The Argentine' and 'Guerrilla'.
The real events strongly impress me, and I become want to know more about them."
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