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I am no more a college student, but I love to read anything about education from him♥
And I wish he will go cycling with his best friend who rides BMX♥

If you want to repost my translations somewhere...
- Tell me first by giving me a comment below the translation post.
- Credit me properly. (for example: masuda_takahits@LJ or @livejournal)
- Do not edit/rewrite it unless you slightly correct my grammatical mistake/typo. (if you summarize, please mention that you've summarized it)



(My favorite sport)

Yesterday I ate bananas
Today corn soup

I am Yuichi NAKAMARU

The other day I checked up my credits from my university and

I was given all

Somehow I am glad

I was relieved

I wonder what to study in the second semester-

And, yesterday I went to watch Ueda's concert

It was nice

It was nice that Ueda seemed to be doing what he wants

As a fellow there were some parts made me fear, but I hope he will finish it without injury

Good luck-

And, today as it is autumn for sports(*common phrase to express 'autumn is a best season to do anything, such as sports/fashion/appetite etc.')

I played futsal

We had a game and

I, shot 2 goals

It was extremely fun

As it was fairly fine weather I was sunburnt

Slightly, the top of my nose is red

I don't know what I am doing but

So today on Wednesday from 23:58

On Nittele

'Cartoon KAT-TUN'

Please watch it


I bought a bicycle

Click (* link to the photo of a bicycle with a basket without a carrier)


Its basket looks good

Then, today I will go back then sleep well

So, see you again!
Slammed down, bu-u-u-
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