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I rarely translate his regular entries, but I do when something different from normal happens.
And today it's the time to do.
His total atmosphere of anxiety made me worried.
I hope he will get it safely.
(This accident reminds me of Nino's past accident, which became a big trouble)
Even from my translation, you will find any difference from his normal entries.... DX

If you want to repost my translations somewhere...
- Tell me first by giving me a comment below the translation post.
- Credit me properly. (for example: masuda_takahits@LJ or @livejournal)
- Do not edit/rewrite it unless you slightly correct my grammatical mistake/typo. (if you summarize, please mention that you've summarized it)

Everyone, hello
I am Yuichi NAKAMARU

From 11th for 3 days, I was working at the live concerts

As the audience was full of excitement, it became a fun time

For those came to the hall

Thank you

In fact this time, I left my mobile phone at the hall in Hokkaido, so ever since this blog started, I am writing sentences by a computer for the first time

Although I had a picture of urchin and salmon roe I ate at the dressing room yesterday, I will show it next time

And, now I am really anxious

Whether my mobile phone is safe

Anyway, I will go to sleep

So see you again
Slammed down, bu-u-u-
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