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I've already used all my energy at the translation of my previous entry, however, in the weirdly colder temperature of today, I felt his warmth from reading his polite entry to tell us about his success by his words.
So I did it, as I love the warmth of his fans as well as himself.
About 'the interview' he took yesterday, I guess it was by Sports Hochi which reported about his study on the newspaper.


Sweet potato

(my favorite tempura personally)

Yesterday I ate Pizza Margherita
Today raw spratelloides gracilis and raw horsemeat

I am Yuichi Nakamaru

Yesterday I had an interview


KAT-TUN's new song

will be released soon you know

As it will be at the store in May 14th

If you haven't reserved it

Please check it (BLUSHED)

And about my personal matter

I, tell you that I took an entrance examination for a university in around last December

and passed it safely then could enter in April in this year

Thoroughly -

It was good

I was relieved

Since before I had a vague wish to study something, and 2 years ago I thought I would belong to the situation easy to study, and decided to have an entrance examination for a university

But as I didn't want to the rush thing, I decided to wait for a year, and if my mood to wish for study wouldn't change I would send my application form then

And when I imagined about my failure(*at the entrance examination), I was embarrassed that I couldn't tell others around me and the time had passed to today

From now on I want to think about my job as a first priority, and spare rest of my time for my study well

Somehow I will try hard

Then, the radio program on Tuesday from about 12 midnight

Bunka Hoso


Listen it -


They are the raw silver-stripe round herring and raw horsemeat

Click(*link to the photos of raw silver-stripe round herring and raw horsemeat)


This is delicious

It seems to be a raw horse meat from Kukamoto, and it is really delicious(TWINKLE)

Once I want to go to Kumamoto

And silver-stripe round herring has a unique flavor, I love it very much

It's about the time to go back home

So, see you again!
Slammed down, bu-u-u-
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