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I don't know why I did it, but I've done somehow.
Happy release day for DON'T YOU EVER STOP!

FM Yokohama 84.7 MORNING STEP: May 13th, 2008

It's basically a comment as a promotion )
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Before going to watch Sushi Oji! the first day, I will drop it here as a proof.
Nakamaru is love, and Yoko and Hina are funny with him.

Thanks: [ profile] shige_ako, [ profile] enshinge, and [ profile] za_riel(who seems to have sent [ profile] enshinge the original radio rip file) etc.

(Before it began, they were talking about school, alumni, and asked Nakamaru's technical high school for industry)

It started at 13:12.
NOTICE: Since Japanese educational system doesn't divide 'college' and 'university', here I just call it, the advanced school after high school, as 'college'.
And here it is rare for people to go to college after working for a few/several years.

Y = Yoko
H = Hina
N = Nakamaru
8 = possibly Yoko and Hina(laughing or ranting noisily)

Well, is it taboo to mention about it? )

Okay, so, ittekimasu. See you, and thanks to my friends who cared about me a lot. I'm alive here<3
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Last night I listened to my noisy radio. "Noisy" means, just I cannot catch the wave clearly. It is far from my apartment. Not a radio station in Tokyo.
Yesterday Shige mentioned about how to make friend in new school. He had a mail from freshman girl who unfortunately could not enter Shige's college. She was worried about making friends, because her college is to be said as a college for rich person and upper class although she seems to be not so.
Shige mentioned about his college. His college is also to be said as a upper class college. (That's very why I had no interest of his college. But in fact my college needed much money because there are so many professors and teachers to give us many classes.) He said that he sometimes treated as an upper class people because of his college. But he also said that he is not so at all. (I still doubt it.)
He said, "someone who was in my school since elementary school might be in upper class, but I entered from junior high school. Such people are just a person who had studied hard (to win the entrance exam)."
I felt that he is proud of his study. And I strongly agree with him, because I was one of the school girl who studied hard for entrance examination too. In Japan, someone who tries to enter private junior high school are the person who has much interest in education. He and his parents are the very person, I guess. And me too, although I did not go to private junior high school because my parents are not rich. (public junior high school needs less money) And in my area (next to his ward!) there are so many people who have much interest in education in these days. (We are similar!)
I sometimes regret about my college because I did not have special skill (such as MD or pharmacist) from my college, I took a course of liberal arts which many of the companies in Japan do not understand its importance. But still I am proud of my education. And that is one of the reason why I have much interest in Shige, I guess. :D

One of the interesting speech from him.
You know about the photo in laundry.
Shige likes it, and he thinks of it as a kind of "artistic photograph with American sense".
I cannot think so, and I have imagined that Shige must hesitate to take such photograph. (I still think Massu might hesitate to take it. He hid his body although his muscle is enough beautiful to be shown.)

Not related to Shige's radio, but I remembered the past entry of Koyama's (I'm not sure, but probably Koyama) diary from the imagination of "naked". Once just a few weeks ago, Koyama had written that after their concert they 6 hurried into the shower together with taking off their cloth (he said "supponpon") and sang in a shower together. And last night Pi also wrote about their bath. Kagoshima, where they had their concert, is known by the hot spring. Pi, Ryo, Koyama, and Shige, had taken a public bath together. (Pi said "supponpon")
They seem to like becoming naked together. :D
(And I wonder about my Massu and Tegoshi. Did Massu hesitate? If so, I feel he is kawaii.)
I want to see such photos, in a shower or bathroom if they are going to take a photo in naked. Because naked in bathroom is natural, and someone in a bubble bath might looks lovely.
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I was surprised at myself, crying with listening to Shige's radio.

In my apartment, it is difficult to catch the wave of Shige's radio. Every weekend I managed to listen to very noisy radio. Sometimes I walk around my room to catch the wave.
His radio got 100th time today.  Shige was very happy to get a formal letter from a man. I am happy too because I want him to known to the ordinary people. When I was not interested in NEWS at all, I did not know about him at all.
I started crying when I heard him saying something negative. He read a letter from a girl.  The letter was such: "I became Shige's fan through your radio. When I started listening, I am not interested in you, but now I love you". He said like this: "she was not interested at me.... sigh ".
I couldn't help crying for him. Poor Shige....
Do you always fall in love with a girl (including Koyama?) when you look at the girl for the first time?
I can't do so. I always fall in love when I know much about the boy, because I want know how the boy really is. My only experience is just for Massu! (As Shige is so negative, he might  think negative to hear about this, such as he could not to be like Massu.)

Why I cries for him is not only because he is negative, but also he is negative "like me".
I think he is like me.
So negative. Left handed. Our mothers are from same prefecture. Once studied too hard for the entrance examination. My parents' house and Shige and his family's house are in the same city, very close. (I don't know the exact place.)
I want to tell him, "You are genius. You are well talented. Don't think negative. Smile. Smile for yourself. Don't become like me, a poor woman."
But I also know that, "Shige is negative, because he is Shige".  Because I am so.
I love him. I love that clever boy. I love that poor boy.

I cried again when he whispered "Oyasumi", meaning "good night", at the end of the program.

I will go to Stockholm in the next month. I will write him a letter there. When it reaches at his company, I will already back home. But, I want to tell him that "I am loving you even if I am in my travel."

I just smiles at Massu when I look at him. He makes me happy.
But Shige makes me thinking too much.
However, I love both, of course.

mimiko-chan, please wait for my writing for your reply. I want tell you my love, but I can't do now because now my mind is full of Shige. I am in too heavy feeling. Love ya!^^


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