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According to Sushi Oji! official blog, "Oji flied away yesterday".
Hopefully it means any kind of promotion, if possible, for international release.

Since the producer F honored Nakamaru a lot, I translated what he said there.

If you are interested in what producer mentioned about Nakamaru and Oji's leave to somewhere, you can leave your comment HERE.

He will become a wonderful actor with much ability to act in the future. )

ADD: That official blog announced that they will explain about it in the next morning on TV and newspapers.
I'm really curious.... D:
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(Sorry for the worst banner ever! I am toooo sleepy.)

First of all, for those in Japan (I guess that there must be very few people in Japan who are on LJ and love Nakamaru), please, please watch this movie.
If you love it, watch it several times.
I've already watched it twice(one time was free preview), and I am going to watch it again to bring my friend to watch this.
I am not good at evaluate movies/dramas, and in fact I haven't watched many dramas/movies.
But still, as a volunteered extra actress, for me his act looked excellent.
This is a comedy, but sometimes the story turns into serious.
Even I cried, a bit, at that 'the scene in the ricefield'.
And as this movie is about those in New York, sometimes the characters such as Tsukasa and even Kawataro speak in English, so you will be able to understand it.
Please. Please watch it. If you want, now I can do the DOGEZA in front of you.(exaggerated)
Sushi Oji! needs your help.
Please watch it, then if you love it, watch it again.

And for those outside Japan, please visit HERE the producer's blog, the entry about their official English subtitle.
They are now planning to release it in the other countries.
I suggest you to give them your comment there.
Since they will upload comments after brief check, you need not worry even if your comments won't appear soon.

Please. Today was my second watching, but I found how much I loved this movie, and the relationship between Tsukasa and Kawataro.
I cried.

You can read the summary of half of the movie from HERE about when I attended to the preview.

Pooooooooo... )

I'm sorry for my random writing.
I rarely report anything to post on the community, but as I really love this movie, Kawataro, and his act, I wanted to do anything if I can help you to have more interest in this movie.
Again, if you are in the place where you can watch this, please watch it.
On the mobile phone official website of this movie has the discount coupon.
And for those out of the area, please give your request to the directors team to invite this movie to your country.
I want to give him an, Oscar.

I'm tired. My waist hurts.
But still, I was filled with the comfortable atmosphere.
Thank you for your reading♥

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Warner should hire me as an international promoter


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Thanks to [ profile] jtriskell to post to [ profile] yucchi_love, since the interview was interesting and worth to be read by many people, I've done.

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I'm back from scary Shinjuku~ I'm really tired~ but I am going to report what I've watched there to the world! (I sometimes feel like being the journalist in the field of Johnny's.)

In the shortest, "I couldn't see Nakamaru in person!"
In the other words, "I saw Koichi in person!"

I won the lottery by the publisher Kadokawa's website for this preview with actors' greeting.
actors' greeting )

Since I will keep the important part for your fun at watching movie, I won't talk in detail, and I will just talk about the first half and several interesting point, but if you really really don't want to know the story at all, NEVER READ FROM THE LJ CUT BELOW.
And since I am writing with a help of my memory, I'm sorry if this was different from the actual story.

This movie is a totally crack. There are lots of scene which are really weird. But it's because this is Sushi Oji.
And also this story has seriousness. I cried at that time, and laughed at the next time. This is a mixture of laugh and cry. I was tired, but surely I was tired because my feeling was moved a lot.

And I am not good at examine actors since I have little experience to watch movies/dramas actually, but still Nakamaru's act was excellent. Definitely Koichi was nice.

From the point of view as an LJ user who is non-native for English language, since they partially speak in English, if you are good at listening to English, you will partially understand the story.
And those like me who have difficulty with listening to English(if they have any accent, I cannot hear well) can read the Japanese subtitle given for non-Japanese languages.
So, if you are going to travel to Japan, please try to watch it at the theatre. (the list of the theatre is available from the official website of Sushi Oji!, and if you'll have difficutly with finding the theatre, just ask the staff in the hotel during your travel♥)

This story includes really lots and lots of jokes(the name Gengoro, Tawara, Ineko, and Nae are all related to rice). Even I don't think I could find all the kjokes they contained. But it was fun to find them, and sometimes the audience clapped their hands!!

So, let's talk about the story.

summary of the first half of the movie and several interesting points )

And this is not from this preview but from the official website, the theme song of this movie 'No more' is sung by, not Koichi but Tsukasa MAIZU.
It will be released on April 30th, and it will have 2 versions as usual.
With the limited version, they will add the music DVD with the landscape of Miyakojima island in Okinawa(they filmed thereat their first episode on the drama).
And in the regular version, Tsukasa's training song will be recorded.

Okay, that's all! Good night! I'm totally exhausted although I didn't work at the rice field in Chiba New Jersey!

ADD: I now found I've written such long.


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