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I really don't like to shout about copyright loud and want to rely on the common sense of fans, but as recently there are those who repost my translations easily, I have a few requests to you readers, which are easy to be done.

If you want to repost my translations somewhere...
- Tell me first by giving me a comment below the translation post.
- Credit me properly. (for example: masuda_takahits@LJ or @livejournal)
- Do not edit/rewrite it unless you slightly correct my grammatical mistake/typo. (if you summarize, please mention that you've summarized it)
- If you want to use my lyrics translation for subtitles, ASK me and do not use it until allowed.

Thanks for reading my attention♥

- My Cinderella -
Dictation and 'free' translation by Ryoko

I never wanted to end our relationship like that. )

I'm sorry as my brain is totally sleepy but as I am going to travel from tomorrow I wanted to finish it tonight >_<
See you later!
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(To answer Massu's honest at his radio, I wanted to finish this before I sleep)

- a shared umbrella -
'free' translation by Ryoko (sleepy)

If I am under Massu's umbrella.... )
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It's the time of my listening comprehension!
You know that I've been saying Massu is the best for me(as best as Nakamaru), but I've been doing nothing for him recently(because there is nothing to do) and work dyingly for his best friend Nakamaru instead.
But finally, the time has come.
I feel sorry for my brother who got a measles, and also I want to tell him my thank, because that is why I stay still in my apartment without visiting my parents' home and worked for Massu superquickly. (He will just say baka that I won't tell him.)

- If I were a puppy Pochi -
'free' translation by Ryoko (tentative)

If I were Massu's puppy.... )


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