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Sorry for my late but here's Massu's message as well.
Unfortunately it's raining here in Tokyo, hopefully tomorrow will be the shiny sunny tanabata day!

☆Tanabata Matsuri & Tegomass no Uta Release Special Website is open on J-web☆

*PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE, and instead FEEL FREE TO LINK HERE not to cause any misunderstandings!*
*If you are willing to retranslate into another language, just drop me a comment below and credit me(such as 'masuda_takahits@livejournal') when you do it.*

(if exists, the italic letters between brackets are my additional explanation.)
Thanks for reading my notification, have fun♥

I could memorize 'Tanabata Matsuri' just by 1 time!
Both its melody and song(*apparently he means its lyrics)! It smoothly came into my mind... this song has tender feeling.
I feel good while singing, and this song would sound comfortable regardless of my mood... whether I am spirited or I am down.

Tegomass sang 'Miso soup', 'Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song~', and 'Aiai gasa', then guessing from those former singles 'Tanabata Matsuri' might be surprising, but while listening and singing, this song really got the atmosphere of Tegomass.

We never had the songs like this before, but this might be also suitable for Tegomass? I feel like I have discovered something new!
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