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Thanks for reading my notification, have fun♥
(And the "T:" and "M:" are added by me to clarify who wrote what.)

Hello I'm Yuya Tegoshi.
It's confirmed! 'TEGOMASS SUMMER CONCERT '09'!!
From July 22(Wed) to August 20(Thu), Osaka, Yoyogi, Hiroshima, Sendai, Sapporo, and Fukuoka, 6 concerts in 6 cities!!
Since our formation we have been wishing to have live concert!, finally it came true!,
I'm looking forward to having them from now!

Konban Masuda Taka Hits.
I'm indeed happy. Since before its confirmation, we had been discussing about what to do at the live concert, I am excited.
This might be different from the concert done as NEWS, and different from solo concert too.
We might be able to have live concerts you've never seen anywhere else.
I want to make them nice ones.
As it is a tour, we are looking forwad to going to various places as tegomass~, Tegoshi.

Tour is indeed fun!
Every venue is unique, and how the audience, the fans, feel might differ.
And we can eat local foods there.
We haven't planned its content, but, it might be with band, surely we will sing tegomass songs, there might be our solos too, and so on.
.... But what I am really worried is about MC.
Well Massu, how about asking Keichan for MC(LAUGH)?

Sounds good(LAUGH)
It might be nice if he will join us as the member of the band?
How about asking him for training the Swedish instrument nyckelharpa?

hands clapping or whistling is okay... no no, we should do that as tegomass!
Anyway, we want lots of people to come to see us!!
Surely tegomass fans, NEWS fans, and neither of them!!
As this won't become the same one as the former ones!
We have a confidence to definitely show something new, I want you to come to see the new aspect of tegomass, that of NEWS.
Well, Massu!!

I agree.
This is the big progress to be able to show the songs we have been singing as tegomass since before we became into NEWS.
We might be as much excited as how you who are willing to come are excited.
Everybody please look forward to seeing us. See you again.

By Tegomass.
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