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I am so sorry for Koki as even I had not read his certain entry until I read this interview.^^;
But I know you are always passionate and you love all the KAT-TUN members♥

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New album has been finally completed!
Akanishi's solo is the legendary masterpiece

- The 4th album 'Break the Records - by you & for you' has been released.
It consists of 16 songs including 4 songs released as the singles, and it was made filled with speediness and groove.
Especially, the solos are unique, then how did you feel by listening to each solo?

Tanaka(TK): I, haven't listened to most of them!
Taguchi(TJ): Briefly, I've just listened a while ago.

- Akanishi-san's solo 'care' is the song which had been sung before debut, so the other members must have listened as well?

TK: That, might be fairly old. That might be..., the one you sang with holding a guitar?
Akanishi(A): (nodded)
Nakamaru(N): What? What? What? That one that one!
Kamenashi(K): If I remember correctly, you changed its title during the MC at the concert tour, did you?
A: Yes. At first, I randomly named as 'I know', but then as I thought somehow it didn't fit, I changed to 'care'.
TK: You named as 'I know', but in fact you didn't know(LAUGH).

- DId you announce "I will change it" during the MC?

A: If I remember correctly..., yes.
N: Your behavior sounds novel.
TK: Then, this time did you change its lyrics?
A: Only at the D-melody part, I did.
TK: I clearly remember you singing with a guitar on your hand, but I can't remember how that song was.
For, it was sang fairly long time ago.
In addition, when someone is singing his solo, we the other members stay behind the stage, that we can't see.
TJ: I, often see the other solos, every time. From the side of the stage.

- By fans, apparently it is called as 'the legendary masterpiece', and lots of people said they were calmed down.

A: I see.
N: So, it might be a good decision to change its title as 'care'.

- Ueda-san, what were you planning with your solo?

Ueda(U): I, have listened to only Nakamaru's one among the solos.
For, Nakamaru's song was, the one I originally wanted to sing.
That had been proposed in past, and I told them 'keep this as I will sing someday', then I found it became into Nakamaru's solo(LAUGH).
N: Well, I said, "if Ueda wants this, I can choose the other song".

- By such circumstances, finally, you decided to write lyrics for the song you had already composed?

U: Yes.
TJ: It's really, cheerful. As your latest solo 'Ai no hana' was graceful, I thought its image was totally different from that one.
TK: Mine is, the one which had been proposed for my solo last time(*QOP). Then, this time I sang the song left at that time.... So, I started working for it at the end of the last year.
TJ: At its chorus part, there is the yelling as "♪woooy". I thought, it would be interesting if all the audience would yell "♪woooy" at the concert.

- Nakamaru-san's song is catchy. Guessing from Ueda-san's comment, it might be the popular song.

N: Yes.

- For what did you pay attention at the recording?

N: When I heard the sample singing, it was really nice. So when I actually sang by myself, I thought it would be nice if I would be able to sing similar to that sample.
TJ: My 'WIND', begins with the calm introduction with the piano, so the atmosphere of the album might be completely changed there.
So, I hope you don't listen to only this song but listen throughout the whole album.
Among all, it's different from others in the good meaning.
TK: Rather than different, yours is badly conspicuous(LAUGH).
TJ: Call it unique. Well?, let's go positively(LAUGH).

Does Kamenashi's solo mean the strawberry panty!?
What's the relationship between love concerts and KAT-TUN?

- How is Kamenashi-san's solo?

K: At first, I wanted to sing the medium ballad, and I was keeping 'On My Mind' for my choice. But it was taken for 'ONE DROP'....
Then, I changed my mind that I would choose the song effective for the live performance.
Once I chose the song, everything was done within about 3 days. We concentrated on working in the short term.
Honestly, I wanted to play more with the sound effects, but as there was not enough time left, I will do a lot at the concert then.
TJ: When I saw its title('1582'), I wondered "what does it mean".
K: Strawberry panty!
TJ: Eh? Really?
K: Yes. IChi(1)-Go(5)-Pan(8)-Tsu(2).(*ichigo=strawberry, pantsu=panty)
N:What do you mean by it?
K: I love strawberry panties(LAUGH).
TK: Is it such a song?
TJ: Are you serious?
K: Yes. (along with the music of the song 'j'ai perdu le do') ♪My favorite panty is the strawberry patterned one~(LAUGH).

- Forget about if it is true or not(LAUGH), this album is easy to imagine the visuals at the concert. This pattern of works releasing the album first then having concert is similar to what you did last year....

TK: This time, rather than having live concert with the album, we made an album for the live concerts.
Anyway live concerts were planned first.
But we grew up with the experience of the live concerts, it might be sure that this order was easier for us.
K: For example, let me mention about the B-sides. In general we have no chance to sing the B-side songs on TV, but once we sing at the live concerts, the distance between us and the audience becomes much shorter.
We feel them close and there is the unity of us.
So, for us, releasing album is not our goal at music work.
After releasing our works, we think a lot about how to perform them and entertain with them at the live concerts.
Live concert is the very place to reach the result of the music works by KAT-TUN after recording and releasing the singles and albums.
TJ: But, to enjoy our live concerts, it must be better to listen to the album in advance.
This album has 6 new songs, and each of them sounds gloomy..., well, that means, .... if we listen to only the new songs, they would sound a bit heavy, but with the combination of the singles, it became fancy, so I think it was okay.

How is the voice of Akanishi explained by Kamenashi?
The vocal power of each of 6

- Then, from now on, praise each other, or, give us your comments about the vocal of each member.
The other day I read Tanaka-san's J-web and I was a little touched....

TK: Eh, what did I write?

- You have written the message to each member for example "I love Kame working hard"

TK: (embarrassingly) Ah~.

- Have you not read?

All: We haven't.
A: A! I haven't written my entry!(then he took his mobile phone and started writing something)
TK: Well, even if you will write from now on they won't upload it until tomorrow.
K: (suddenly) I love Nakamaru's voice! Somehow, it sounds delicate.
TJ: A? I agree. Nakamaru-kun, might understand about your voice I think.
Every time, it matches with the song. And you can vocalize the lower voice.
About the low voice, you are the number one among KAT-TUN.
TK: I wonder why your voice at speech and that at singing differ(LAUGH).

- What do you think about Ueda-san?

N: Ueda writes lyrics and composes by himself. He has his own world with his voice(*and everything about his music).
TK: He has a good sense. Aside from the fact if he is good or bad (* at singing)(LAUGH), he has a certain sense.

- How is Tanaka-san?

N: Indeed, the rap of KAT-TUN can't be done by anyone but him.
TK: If you mention about it, the voice percussion can't be done by anyone but Nakamaru I think(LAUGH).
TJ: You are indeed, manly.
N: Somehow, you are like a hot spice(LAUGH).
U: About Koki, I think his energy and aggression are cool. And you look good with a bike.
TK: Bike? It's nothing with singing(LAUGH).

- What do you think about the vocal of Taguchi-san?

TJ: Well I, as a musician, no I am an idol, but, I thought it was lucky to be able to release songs.
Then I thought I would use this chance.

- What do you think about Akanishi-san?

K: Akanishi, you sing soft currently.
A: (saw Kamenashi next to him, expressed a little surprise on his look, then nodded)
K: I am told. At the recording by the director. "As Jin sings a little soft, Kame, would you sing slightly soft as well?".
TK: But, once Akanishi sings, indeed, the songs are deepened.
N: It's awesome as he thinks a lot to improve and improve the songs.

- At Tanaka-san's J-web, he wrote in English about the episode when he sang 'Garasu no shonen'(by Kinki Kids) along with Akanishi-san, he wrote that he trusted you for music.

A: A?, 'Gararu no shonen', we sang. At karaoke.
TK: (smiled embarrassingly)

- Well, seriously, you all should read Tanaka-san's J-web(LAUGH).
Then in conclusion, about Kamenashi-san.

TJ: Same as before, his voice is high. From Nakamaru-kun having low voice to Kame having high voice, KAT-TUN has a wide range at singing.

- Was your voice high since before?

K: It wasn't high. And in past, I was really out of the key at singing.
N: You might have called as the mosquito voice?
TJ: But, after growing up, you might prefer graceful songs? At karaoke, you sing ballads.
K: No! When people sing cheerful ones, I intentionally choose such songs.
Taguchi, when we went to karaoke the other day, although you ordered our song, you asked "excuse me, change its key to 1 lower one!"(LAUGH).
TJ: At the farewell party at the drama filming, at first, I sing 'Real Face' or 'Yorokobi no uta'. As my personality is like an Assistant Director(LAUGH).(* apparently he meant to say that he obeys what others tell him to do and he would do what they would want him to do)
U: Do you go to karaoke at the farewell party for dramas?
K: Karaoke is common. Ueda, you should learn the songs of SMAP-san from now on(for the farewell for 'Kon-katsu').
U: I see. With the choreography(LAUGH).

- As a final question, how will this concert become?

K: Actually, we ourselves, never know until we will do, in fact.
But, it might be fun.
As we are given a great 'seed' which means the 8 days run at Tokyo Dome, we will bring it under the sunshine, give water, and bloom it to surprise you all!
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