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Press conference from ABC official website

The new Shigotonin 'Shitateya no Ren(Ren the dressmaker)' appears!
Koki Tanaka-san who is casted as Ren talked about his determination with Noriyuki Higashiyama-san as Kogoro and Masahiro Matsuoka-san as Ryoji!

From the 13th episodes shown on the next Friday(April 24th) the new Shigotonin will appear on 'Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009'!
His name is, 'Shitateya no Ren(Ren the dressmaker)'.

Then, they had a press conference to show Koki Tanaka-san who tries Ren's role.
the 2 elder Shigotonins Noriyuki Higashiyama-san as Kogoro Watanabe and Masahiro Matsuoka-san as Kyojiya no Ryoji(Ryoji the wallpaper artist)!
They left comments full of expectation and kindness to the younger member.

In addition, at the Q and A, they mentioned about the rules for Shigotonin and the fashion of Ren with earrings and necklace.
And it was announced that actually Matsuoka-san named that character as Ren(!), the press conference was really succeed.
At the end of it, Higashiyama-san concluded by saying "we need the evolution in addition to the tradition. With keeping the tradition, we want to evolute this drama".

Please look forward to the activity of the new Shigotonin 'Shitateya no Ren'!

Comment by Noriyuki Higashiyama-san as Kogoro Watanabe
This time Koki is going to join and lots of people rumoured that "he is not just an ordinary guy".
In February to examine the costume, he came to the awfully cold Kyoto, and he was wearing just a half sleeve T-shirt.
From seeing him I recognized.
Well, with such a naughty aspect I expect him a lot as he will breathe fresh air as a Shigotonin.
As he murders by the sewing thread with this looks, somehow he might look like a venomous spider.
I was amazed as they created such an interesting character.
As I am feeling a mysterious power from him, I think his character will be loved by everyone.

Comment by Masahiro matsuoka-san as Kyojiya no Ryoji
I remember my shiver when I saw Koki on the historical drama for the first time 2 years ago, "he really fits the historical drama".
This time, when I saw his first scene, as Ren's character has been already made well, I was never worried.
Koki's character might be the perfect one for him.
I am also motivated well between the senior I can't get over and the junior who is approaching to me.
With a refreshed feeling I want to make 'Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009' together.

Comment by Koki Tanaka-san as Shitateya no Ren
This is the traditional drama series and I had been watching 'Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009' but I never expected to join there.
As preparation is indeed important at the beginning, I am glad to be adviced by my seniors.
As I am the youngest member as Shigotonin, I will learn the good points through seeing my seniors and I want to create my own Shigotonin, I am struggling every day.
But, when I joined in the filming, my very first scene was, the scene to glare at Higashiyama-san(LAUGH).
As I have already experienced the most horrible scene(LAUGH), now I can act freely and easily.
Please see my own Shigotonin.

Character description: Shitateya no Ren/Koki Tanaka

His ordinary job is the dressmaking sewing Kimono.
He was working as a self-employed Shigotonin, but by hunting the same target he met Kogoro and his fellows....
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