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April 12
Kato Shigeaki is memorizing the lines today as always
As he was concentrating on memorizing all day long apparently he got tired

Then he needs any relaxation

The easy relaxation at home is....

Cooking As he is a bit hungry

However as he is too lazy to go shopping foods he cooks randomly with his stock at home

What he has now is pasta

Moreover, at Kato's home there is a container to boil pasta with the microwave This is really convenient

So he can cook pasta on ease Then, he started cooking pasta

While microwaving pasta, he pours the olive oil on the frying-pan and fries the garlic....


It slipped from his hand

His frying-pan slipped from his hand and fell down on the floor

It's fairly dangerous

And the floor became completely oily

At that time the microwave finished
It's untimely

Although Kato Shigeaki wasn't injured, as he was too panicked he became rather speechless

Anyway he picked up his frying-pan, and while wiping the floor he picked up the garlic chips looked satisfactorily delicious

What a waste

When he somehow finished wiping, Kato Shigeaki remembered


Hurriedly he drained water off and tasted pasta

Soggy Too much boiled

Al dente went away

In the end, Kato Shigeaki cooked without relaxing at all

Notice: That soggy past was relished by the staff(Wagahai).
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