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April 11
Long time no see As I heard that Kato Shigeaki was apparently going to have a stageplay, I came back hurriedly

Although I came back all the way for him, the look of Kato Shigeaki said that he was unwilling

Well as usual I am going to write about the life of Kato Shigeaki that YOROSHIKU (like NAMENEKO)

Kato Shigeaki's schedule for today is....


Nothing at all.

Rather than nothing Kato Shigeaki is concentrated on memorizing the lines(* for his stage).

It is understandable Even as the title of this serial essay is SEMINAR As this term is important for hime, I can't annoy him....

But well-. Just a few seconds before-.。
I have already declared with a feeling of half failure at joking that I was going to write about the life of Kato Shigeaki that YOROSHIKU (like NAMENEKO)....

I have nothing to write (οдО;)

But in these days, Kato Shigeaki started a new hobby I heard

Apparently he started fishing sounds delicious

If he can't manage to make any topic, I will lose my work (*writing this essay)

Do some silliness while memorizing the lines

Ah now, Kato Shigeaki mumbled

"I wonder how Koyama memorized the lines... ah, as he has much space on his brain he might be able to memorize on ease "

What a rude mumble I'm sorry Forgive him as he is tired See you
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