Jan. 22nd, 2009

masuda_takahits: (nakamaru)
As Nakamaru continues mentioning about the bathing scene and their muscle over 100 times(never counted), I started guessing about the evaluation for this drama by watchers.
If this drama will be succeed at showing the reality of the fire fighters, this must have the good rating and will become one of the best drama in this season against the less attention in the pre-season.
But, also I am guessing that this drama will become popular by another reason and will be loved by those who have certain preference, both women and men, because of the amount of the nakedness.
I don't think I can wake up at 5 in the next morning, but praise me if I will be succeed.
I'll go to bed then, as it's already late.
Good night♥
1 day more!!!

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Thanks for reading, my renewed notification, have fun♥
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Passion and bathing(as usual). )


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